Our mission is to help the poorest of children in developing countries. In this capacity we raise funds, provide labor, and distribute goods that local communities can leverage to:


  • Provide safe havens for children in dangerous areas

  • Access sustainable sources of clean water and food

  • Fund education, Build schools, play facilities, and community centers

Help the Poorest of Children Among Us

Who We Are

We are not a large formal charitable organization. We are simply a group of community friends who give from the heart to help those children who need help the most.  And while our financial resources may be limited, we revel in knowing that our capacity to help is infinite.  We give our time, our strength, and our love to this end.  Thank you for visiting, for hearing our story, and being supportive of our mission.

Nepal     Amir R. Thapa

Kenya    Robert Lenana Saruni

Poland   Piotr Kwietniewski 

USA       Edin Ernesto Rodriguez

              Grzegorz Kostyra, Dariusz Stuj, Eric Clem

Dariusz Stuj

Grzegorz Kostyra

Eric Clem