Krasnik Half Marathon

Once again we will put our feet on the street to raise funds for those in need. This time our racers will be running a 1/2 marathon in Krasnik, Poland on April 23, 2018.  Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life will sponsor this fundraing event which supports local charities in Dariusz's home country of Poland.



 Work for Charity Week!

In November, All of the employees at Rainbow of Magnolia donated 1 to 5 days of their salary to the Fountains of Life to support the renovations and additions at our Rescue Center in Kenya and to a monastery in Bhutan where support is also provided for blind and deaf children in remote areas of the country.


Riconada Play Field Work Continues!

Last Spring we ventured to the suburbs of Lima, Peru to help a small and very poor community in its efforts to provide a play space for their 250 young children.  We contributed funds for the construction of a retaining wall needed to secure the field and brought uniforms and other equipment to excite the kids while they wait for the project to conclude.  It's a major undertaking, still short of funds, and done 99% by hand.  AMAZING work can be done with the will that this community has.  We hope to return in 2019 and will continue our support until the field is completed.


2018 Kenya Rescue Center Expansion

Stay tuned, footage and updates are forthcoming! :-)

2018 - Food Supplies Arrived in Bhutan!

Stay tuned for footage of this activity