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In 2015, 12 Maasai girls aged 11 to 13 appeared on the doorstep of the Rainbow of Magnolia - Fountains of Life Home for children.  These girls ran away from their proud community; a Maasai community that despite significant encroachment from the modern world, hangs on to their nomadic customs - grazing animals, wearing traditional clothing, sheltering in mud huts, and otherwise living off the resources the land provides. 

​Why did they run?  

They ran to escape a cultural system in which women and girls are denied basic human rights.  As it is, between the ages of 11 and 13, many Maasai girls face circumcision and forced marriages to men chosen by their fathers in exchange for cattle and cash. They are often denied educations, the right to control their own bodies, even to express opinions.  Thus, they flee for safety and a better life.

This is how these 12 girls came to be on our doorstep.  Under such urgent circumstances, we stretched our resources to provide for them at the Foundation’s Rainbow of Magnolia Home in Kenya.  We reached out to individual donors and grant agencies and thanks to their generosity we were able to fully support the Mighty 12.

Our challenge now is how to grow our support for what is a continuing crisis.  Early in 2018, we welcomed 2 new girls aged 8 and 14 to the Rescue Center, so The Mighty 12 is now 14 STRONG young girls.  The result is that our Rescue Center is now out of room. 

We need to do more.  And we are! 

To meet the need for more space, the local community acquired permission to build a new 40-person dormitory adjacent to the Center.  With this accomplished, we have now set our sights on raising the funds needed to build it.  We have already acquired many materials and construction is underway.  Now we need to raise $8,500 for the acquisition of a water tank, PVC piping, baths, sinks, toilets, bunk beds, windows and doors. 

Here’s how you can help!

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  • Give a donation through the GoFundMe page at:

  • Visit Magnolia’s Fountains of Life website and read more about our efforts


Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization – EIN#:27-0523500, All DONTATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE


Should you have any questions about how we are helping these Maasai girls, or simply want to contribute, please do CONTACT US or DONATE here today.  We know it comes from the heart.

Kenya Maasai Girls Safe Haven


    Maasai Girls Safe Haven
The Kenya Rescue Center
The Mighty 12!


Marathons for Children!

During 2018 and the years ahead, Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life will be sponsoring and participating in many running events to raise awareness of our women and children support projects and programs. 


Our one-time projects include:

  • Little Kickers! Play Field for the Poor: Construction of a play field & semi-indoor soccer arena for 150 children who live in a poverty-stricken squatter’s village outside of Lima, Peru.  At present, we have finished the construction of a massive retaining wall needed to provide a flat surface area for the field which is being built on steep mountainous terrain.  In the coming months, we hope to start building the actual facility, which will look much like an indoor soccer arena in the United States with artificial turf and bathroom facilities.

  • Blind And Seeing: Provision of braille, medical, and educational equipment and supplies to a school for the blind in a remote, poor, and difficult to reach area of Bhutan.  These children are truly inspirational; While they may be without eyesight, they most certainly have a “vision” for themselves and their world and the “see” much with their other senses, emotions, intellect.

  • Limbs UP! For Children!  Too often, in the poor areas in which we work, we come across children faced with the challenge of being disabled due to amputations, injuries, or birth defects.  To help these children, we seek out high quality care and equipment, link their families to first rate medical specialists around the globe, and pay for the medical services and equipment needed to support them prior to, during, and after prosthetic surgery regardless of where in the world they may need to travel to see a doctor.

Our Singular Continuous Program:

  • Kenya Rescue Center for Girls:  Our Kenya Rescue Center is a 24/7 home for girls who have left fled abusive Maasai cultural practices in search of freedom and a better life.  While we have 1-time funding needs for various construction and maintenance efforts related to the facility, we need continuous monthly funding for the girls themselves.  The cost of support is modest, approximately $100/child/month, but the need is for a long duration and includes food, clothing, school, and supplies.  Generally, the girls at the center come to us at a tender age, as young as 8.  We provide them with full support until they either complete college or leave the Center to live independently around the age of 18.  To do this, we need donors willing to sponsor a child for a period of time as some will be with us for as many as ten years.   As long as the need exists, we will ensure the Rescue Center is there for these girls.


Women's Micro Finance

This year Rainbow of Magnolia’s Fountains of Life will expand their support of the Panauti community by providing support to a local women’s group which has established an impressive micro credit organization. After 2015’s devastating earthquake, the women of the community bound themselves together to support one another when they needed funds to start small businesses, buy livestock, and pursue similar opportunities to improve conditions within their households and the wider community.  The funds are loaned in small amounts, thus the term “micro-lending”, then paid back over time at very low rates of interest which is then reinvested in the fund itself. 


This year our goal is to help five families to start a sustainable food production business. Specifically, a honey production house with enough production to consistently distribute honey within and external to their community.  In fact, the region is well renowned for the quality of its honey so as the business becomes established and consistency of production is assured, we will support the community in its efforts to make their honey products available for export.


Our support activities will include the provision of funds, materials, and expertise in the development management of sustainable honey farms.  If this work touches your heart, please do consider contributing to the cause and contact us directly for updates on our progress.

A special thanks to the generous people and organizations that match all donations. They are:
 - Amazon
 - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
 - Microsoft
 - Rainbow of Magnolia Landscaping (up to $4000)
 - The Shraddha Rimal & Aaron Williams family (up to $250)