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Kenya Safe Haven for Girls


Our Kenya Rescue Center is a 24/7 home for girls who have fled abusive Maasai cultural practices in search of freedom and a better life.  While we have 1-time funding needs for various construction and maintenance efforts related to the facility, we need continuous monthly funding for the girls themselves.  The cost of support is modest, approximately $100/child/month, but the need is for a long duration and includes food, clothing, school, and supplies. 


Generally, the girls at the center come to us at a tender age, as young as 8.  We provide them with full support until they either complete college or leave the Center to live independently around the age of 18.  To do this, we need donors willing to sponsor a child for a period of time as some will be with us for as many as ten years.   As long as the need exists, we will ensure the Rescue Center is there for these girls.

Thanks to our donors, we are able to provide continuous private education with full room and board to 107 children in 3 countries.  In Kenya, when school is not in session, girls stay at our Safe Haven for Girls in Kimana, Kenya.  Elsewhere across several other countries, the children we support return home and live with their families or in foster homes where we provide financial assistance to foster families to ensure they are able to support our children.

We also leverage funding from our donors to provide private tutoring and special clinics to provides mental health support as well as instruction on women's health.

Health & Fitness

Our efforts in health and physical fitness stem from our own experiences playing sports and exercising.  To a person at Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life, sports and exercise has enriched our lives since our youth and we spend a great deal of time ensuring that children have access to play facilities, equipment, and coaching.

We have two primary areas of focus.  First Futbol (Soccer in America) and second, long distance running.  As it pertains to Futbol, we provide balls, nets, uniforms, and cleats for playing.  We have also supported the development of fields and facilities to ensure there are places for children to play.

To promote running, we sponsor children to run in marathons all over the globe, working with former athletes "in-country" to ensure those who have the interest can receive the mentoring they need for the sport and simply "life".  In Kenya, several of our young women were so enthused that they spread the news with others to the extent that we now have an ex Olympic medalist and women's coach working with them.   And as of today, we have purchased 2 acres to build a marathon running camp of disadvantaged children who cannot afford gear or coaching.

Medical Care


Community Facilities

Consistent, quality healthcare is not easy to come by in developing countries.  To address these issues, we seek out rural physicians that the community can depend on to visit on a regular basis and hold clinics to support the communities general health and welfare.  While our mission is focused on supporting children, we open our medical clinics to all.

To provide real world entrepreneurial experiences to our children, we have successfully established several small business "ventures" at our Safe Haven for Girls in Kenya.  Here the girls are educated and participate in farming fruits and vegetables as well as honey from our 150 beehive farm.  The farming helps to sustain the center both with food and some financial return, particularly with honey which we sell at market and tourist locations around the country.

Presently, we are seeking opportunities to establish similar self sustaining programs in Nepal.

After, providing for private school, food, and shelter, the construction and maintenance of community facilities consumes the largest portion of our small budget.


In this regard we provide funds to restore and maintain schools/orphanages in Nepal, Kenya, and Tanzania.  In Kenya we have purchased property and built several buildings to support up to 40 young women.  In the near future, a matter of 1 or 2 years, we hope to increase our capacity to 80.


And in Peru, we have provided funds to build a futbol/soccer and community playfield in an impoverished district outside of Lima where inhabitants live on barren rocky mountain slopes where no flat areas exist for children to play.


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To Help Amazing Children in Developing Countries

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