A Child's



"Help Ever
        Hurt Never"

Children's Health, Safety, and Welfare

There are a multitude of indescribably poor areas in which children must grow despite challenges wrought by the elements, disease, and malnutrition.  Notably, girls face even more as they must confront domestic abuse and harmful cultural practices from which many decide to run. 


In our efforts, we seek these most unfortunate, provide them with shelter, food, clothing; and most importantly, a place in which they can safely learn and grow.  

Community Business & Infrastructure

In poor areas, it’s a daunting and often impossible task to acquire the resources needed to start businesses and build schools, play fields, and other structures that support the strength and evolution of a community and its children. 

Our volunteers raise funds, provide expertise, and their own labor to help build these community focal points so children can learn, play, and grow safely in vital communities they themselves define.


Nepal Orphanage Growing in 2018

To support children orphaned after the 2015 earthquake, we have expanded our support to pay for school, exams, and supplies now to 10 children!

Kenya Rescue Center Expansion, 2018 


We are excited to announce that we are now expanding the rescue center in Kenya to care for more children in circumstances like The Mighty 12! to support 40 children.  Seeking support to help us apply for grants.

Mighty 12 is now the Mighty 14!

Remote Bhutan 2018!

School for the Blind, April, 2018, Our Team trecked to deliver $15,000 worth of New Braille equipment and supplies!

- Supporting Monks who provide for the community and its Children - We also purchased and delivered 12 months of food and supplies needed to care for children at a village temple and ensure its continued structural maintenance.

New Play Field for Riconada Kids, 2018

We're making progress in Peru!  See the latest photo's here!

Nepal & Tibet Trip Planning for 2018

We are getting our plans together to bring a minimum of $6,000 to support the development of schools in areas hit by the 2015 earthquake in addition to others.