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Dearest Friends,

I’m excited to bring you the latest update on our efforts in East Africa to support Masai girls achieve their dreams.

As many of you already know, I’m an avid runner. It’s something I’ve done for many years now and I revel in the spiritual and physical lift it gives me. It was while running back in 2010 that I conceived my original idea to found Fountains of Life and to build our first orphanage for children in Tanzania. Since these early days, our efforts of the heart have grown significantly, and I travel to Kenya and Tanzania often to spend time with the children we support.

On every trip, I run in the mornings and have encouraged the children to join me to feel the strength and goodness that it brings me spiritually. What has transpired over the years is nothing short of remarkable, particularly at our Rescue Center for Masai girls in Kenya.

As the years passed, more and more children joined me on my morning runs and it became one of the most enjoyable aspects of my visits. By some divine act, our runs together became known to the wider community and to Kenya’s running institution and as a result, over the past two years, internationally recognized Kenyan marathoners and Olympic medalists have joined us and taken a keen interest in the support we provide to the girls. They learned that our focus is not running but helping children through the worst of circumstances in the region.

Fast forward and before I knew it, the International Medalists who joined us started working with the girls to help them develop athletically. They also introduced us to the International Masters Committee for Racing in Kenya who after learning of our efforts, decided to sponsor an international marathon in Nairobi to raise awareness and funds to support Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life!

We Are So Humbled and Excited to bring national and international attention to our girls, the challenges they face daily, and the needs they have. So many hearts have come together to make this possible and we wanted you to know you are part of the reason we are here.

The race, titled the First Annual Magnolia Masters Marathon occurred on November 27, 2023!, attracted many runners from across the globe and several hundred children from running clubs across Kenya. I particularly want to call our Directors and Project Leaders in East Africa, Robert, Josephine, and Jacob; for the many tireless hours they invested to ensure that this event could take place for our kids.

Our Best To All of our Friends! From the Heart,


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