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Youth Running Project Kickoff!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

One of the beautiful aspects of exercise and good health is the opportunity it gives youth to accomplish something they have complete control over IF they can get proper training and access to events. At Rainbow of Magnolia Fountains of Life, we intend to do that.

Our Founder Dariusz Stuj is a fanatic when it comes to long distance running, having run numerous marathons around the world and now setting his sites on the Antarctic Marathon in 2022.

“I find peace of mind, clarity of thought, and spiritual levity when I run. It's a way of life for me”

To foster the mental, physical and spiritual uplift that Dariusz and many others of our "tribe" have experienced through running, we have begun to build a 1/4 mile track out our Kimana, Kenya Center for Masai Girls. Our focus once construction is done will be to sponsor and train youth with little to no financial resources to run and if they so desire, to compete. We have great confidence that we will succeed is we have current and former Kenyan international long distance athletes and champions who are giving their time and love to the cause.

Our Coaches include former Olympic qualifying athletes and champions in races held all over the globe

Below are some pics of the construction work getting started, our team of coaches and initial class of athletes in Kenya AND Nepal!

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